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Trenchless Drain Relining

Imagine flushing your toilet, only to watch the water level rise and overflow onto your bathroom floor. Sounds like a nightmare for any Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast homeowner! Here at Rustic Plumbing Solutions we receive emergency calls like this on a regular basis.

Finding yourself with a blocked drain is an unpleasant situation to be in at the best of times. But it doesn’t have to end like the scenario above. Catching a blocking drain before it turns into a nightmare can save you time, money and a whole lot of headache.


Trenchless Drain Repair

If you discover you need to repair a broken pipe under a surface you don’t want to dig up Rustic Plumbing Solutions also offers a trenchless drain clearing solution. No need to dig up your prefect landscaping or manicured plants and lawn. Our trenchless drain repair technology allows the clearing of blocked sewer or stormwater drains and complete repair of pipes without any of the mess.

Signs of a Blocked Drain

If you are noticing any of these signs call in a professional immediately:

  • Slow Draining Water: This is the easiest sign to pick up on. If a sink, bath, shower or toilet is taking a long time to empty there is likely a blockage further down the sewer line. Slow drainage usually worsens over time and, if you don’t act, will result in the nightmare scenario above with your toilet overflowing all over the bathroom floor.
  • Toilet Flushing: If a main sewer line blockage is present, flushing the toilet may even result in dirty water coming up through the shower and bath drain.
  • Gurgling: When a drain is blocking, the affected fixture tends to make a gurgling sound as the water drains away. If more than one plumbing fixture is causing gurgling you may have a main sewer line blockage.
  • Bad Odours: Decomposing waste and stagnant water has an awful smell that can be detected around your drains and toilets.


Causes of Blocked Drains

There are many reasons a blocked sewer drain or main sewer line blockage may occur:

  • Tree roots – This is likely the most common cause of a blocked sewer drain. Tiny tree roots snake their way through porous pipe material to get to the water and nutrients in the pipe. From there they expand and multiply until they completely fill or break the pipe apart. Tree roots are usually treated with a water jetter.
  • Excessive toilet paper or human waste
  • Hair in showers, sinks and baths
  • Ground movement breaking up pipes
  • Aging or broken pipes
  • Disposing of paint, plaster or cement down the drain
  • Oil, fat and grease hardening in the drain or on tree roots
  • Water Jetting


Rustic Plumbing Solutions offers a number of options for treating blocked drains. For less serious blockages, the best known of these is water jetting. Our trained drains specialist would use a high-pressure jet to blast the material causing the blockage through the pipe. This is often used to treat a blocked drain caused by tree roots, as well as more serious blockages caused by human waste.

For more serious drain repair solutions, inquire today about options for Trenchless Drain Relining on your property.

Seeing the signs of a blocked drain? Don’t delay! Give Rustic Plumbing Solutions a call on 1300 702 224 today and we will send a qualified drains specialist to your door.


Customer Review

I contacted Rustic Plumbing to repair a blocked drain at our home. They arrived promptly at the arranged time and repaired the problem quickly and effectively.....

Paul Ahearne

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