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Problems with your taps can occur in any home and cause serious issues left unattended. Not only can they be noticed through the constant sound of dripping, but they can also cause water stains and in some serious cases flooding. An annoying problem like a leaking tap Central Coast can lead to a serious issue for your home.
A tap leak can also waste tens of thousands of litres of water per year which is a huge amount of water going down the drain or into your home causing damage.

If you need to fix a leaking tap, call us today on 0499 154 760 and we can help.

Some common causes for leaking taps include:

Fixing an old tap

Leaking taps can often be repaired by one of our tap plumbing specialists Central Coast. The fix can often be a simple stress-free process that won’t set you back much financially. Regardless of the type of Central Coast leaking tap you have, whether it’s a leaking tap in the bathroom, leaking tap in the kitchen or a leaking tap in the laundry – we can help.

Installing new taps

If you’ve got an old tap that is consistently causing problems, it might be worth looking into getting a new tap. At Rustic, we can supply and fit new taps into your home to fix any occurring issues and save you water.
We supply the latest designs and makes of taps which means you can rest easy knowing your home will have the best available taps possible.

Get in touch with Rustic Plumbing today to see what we can with your taps.

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